BOEING 737.800 NG


Very sophisticated simulator with a 1:1 scale reproduction of Boeing 737.800NG. It is equipped with all the elements and controls of a real aircraft, landscape reproduced in color screens in high definition format and surround giant. Simulation complete cabin, both exterior and interior finishes in, with all operating systems:

  1. -Flight controls with mechanical connection between the Commander and First Officer adjustable hydraulic / pneumatic.

  1. -System Vision curved exterior and 125 º of visual angle (with plasma screens, you can fly in daylight or night inside cabin, without depending on the lights off as with projection systems, which in the interior cabin is always dark flies to both daytime and night flight).

  1. -Fuel, pressurization and air-conditioning, anti-ice, anti-fire system.

- Management and Automatic Flight Control (AFDS and FMS).

- Glass Cockpit, EFIS / EICA.